Frequently asked questions

When should I use Cardsy?

Cardsy was created for all those real life moments when you want to send something more meaningful than a text but a typical ecard would be...well, weird. And those moments you wanna send them a gift,’s just too hard. You can deliver your cardsy via text or let them know what the cash is for and delivery on Venmo.

Can anyone view a Cardsy?

Your cardsy can be viewed on any phone and you don’t need to have the app to view one. You only need to have the app to send one.

Is it free to send a Cardsy?


How do I make a Cardsy?

It’s super easy! Just choose from our thousands of hilarious cards or customize your own, and add something inside! Inside you can put cash with a note, or you can skip the cash and send a note with a photo, video, playlist, GIF, or link. You’ll deliver your cardsy on Venmo if you added cash, and via text if not.

How is my Cardsy delivered?

For each cardsy, a unique link is generated when you tap “send” for you to share as you wish - If you included cash, you’ll deliver your cardsy on Venmo, and If you didn’t include cash, you can send it via iMessage or on any social (or other messaging) platform that you’d like.

How does the Venmo cash part work?

Cardsy makes Venmo payments giftable and personal by allowing you to send a card on Venmo and suggest what they should spend the cash on. No amount is too big or too small. You can let them know to grab a drink on you, or you can be super specific and link to an item or place where they should spend the cash. If you include cash, we’ll transport your cardsy to Venmo, you’ll just need to select the recipient and hit send!

What if I'm not on Venmo?

If you’re not on Venmo and you want to send your cardsy with cash, you can deliver it in iMessage and add an Apple Pay, or you can deliver it on any other messaging platform that offers cash payment.

Who can view my Cardsy?

Your cardsy can be viewed by anyone with the link. If you want it to be private, we recommend checking your settings on whichever platform you’re sharing it on.

What can I put inside of my Cardsy?

You can personalize the inside with GIFs from Giphy, photos or videos from your camera roll, Spotify playlists and songs, Youtube videos, and links to anything on the web. Send Ca$h to make that Venmo payment giftable by linking a specific item that they should use the money for, or adding a GIF for when you want to send #treatyoself money.